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Proofreading Checklist

Checklist of things to look for as you review your proof

Proofing Tips
-The more eyes you have looking at something the better
-Read one word at a time
-Watch the little words ("or", "of", "if", "it", & "is" often get switched)
-Mention anything that doesn't look right, don't assume it's just the proof, even though it might be.

printable version

--All pages are included in the proof

--All the pages are in the correct order

--Everything is spelled correctly

--Grammar is correct

--No missing punctuation

--No missing words

--Font face is correct

--Margins are correct

--Bold, Italic and font sizes are correct

--No missing characters

--Tables / graphs are correct

--Images are correct

--Images are in correct location

--Photos are cropped correctly

--Names are spelled correctly

--Addresses are correct

--Email & web addresses are correct

--Phone numbers are correct (including area code)

--Text is crisp and spaced correctly

--Final trim size measures correctly

--All corrections from last proof have been made

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