m7 Business Systems Team

Tom Kujawski Tom Kujawski Owner
m7 Start Date October, 2003
From Batavia, NY
Interests Sales, Skiing, Cycling & Thoroughbred Handicapping
Other "People don't plan to fail, people fail to plan" --Benjamin Franklin

Dave Kujawski Dave Kujawski Warehouse Manager
m7 Start Date October, 2003
From Batavia, NY
Interests Driving to every baseball field in Colorado
Other Yes; he (Tom) is Dave's cousin, imagine how surprised they were when they realized they worked for the same company.

Bob LaBarge Bob LaBarge Senior Salesperson
m7 Start Date: April, 2004
From: South Dakota
Interests: Travel, Family and Sales
Other: Bob is "too old to retire".

Gael Holderman Gael Holderman Accounting
m7 Start Date November, 2006
From Colorado
Interests Ballroom Dancing, Reading, and Walks in Nature.
Other Gael loves all things Colorado, especially her family!

Mike Munns Mike Munns Senior Salesperson
m7 Start Date July, 2007
From Boise, ID
Interests Golf, Tennis, Autograph and Memorabilia Collecting.
Other Graduated from Boise State University, and has been selling forms since 1983.

Rich Curry Rich Curry Senior Salesperson
m7 Start Date July, 2007
From Columbus, OH
Interests Family, Serving at Church, College Football
Other Rich uses his christian faith as the foundation for his business, striving to put integrity and client needs as the top priority.

Alicia Keyser Alicia Keyser Graphic Designer
m7 Start Date July, 2007
From Milwaukee, WI
Interests Art, Ceramics, Skiing, Hiking, Camping, & Photography
Other Alicia grew up in Wisconsin, and went to college at the U of MN - Twin Cities, where she graduated in 2002 with a degree in Art before moving directly to Colorado. On her days off, she can be found spending time with her dog, playing in the mountains, or enjoying a bar, concert, or museum in the city. Alicia is generally skilled in most things computer-related, and loves any opportunity to be creative.

Gary Damon Gary Damon Senior Salesperson
m7 Start Date January, 2009
From Dallas, TX
Interests Family, Golf, Travel & Mountains
Other Gary graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1975 and started in the printing business in 1979.

Laura Hylton Laura Hylton Customer Service Representative
m7 Start Date April, 2011
From Denver, CO
Interests Yoga, Sports, Reading and Traveling

Sabrina Yang Sabrina Yang Customer Service Representative
m7 Start Date February, 2014
From Los Angeles, CA
Interests Bowling, Video Games, TV & Trying new and different foods

Jeff Cremers Jeff Cremers Salesperson
m7 Start Date March, 2015
From Minneapolis, MN
Interests Golf, College Athletics, Watching my children compete (son, baseball; daughter volleyball)
Other Born in Minnesota and grew up in Boulder, Colorado. Graduated from and played college basketball at Fort Lewis College. 20+ years in sales, mainly focused in the apparel industry.

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